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English Learning & Conversations by Engineer+MBA (quadra-lingual)

Hello everyone,

I am Aditya and I am a fun-loving, agreeable person who loves to converse and learn new things all the time. If I get to teach some things I know to anyone, I am happier to have contributed something. I have had over 18 years of my formal education in english and I would love to help and teach all age groups to learn basic or advanced level english, gain conversational confidence depending on the needs and also learn to have good time while doing it. 

I have an exceptional level of english in reading, writing and speaking. I hold a Bachelors degree in Engineering and an International Masters Degree (MBA) for which I was awarded a United Nations Fellowship. My first session will be free of cost, where we can discuss what exactly you want to learn and how we can go about it. After that, if you and I are both in agreement to the way of teaching & learning, we can decide the times flexibly to have the sessions.

I have varied interests and love to have long conversations - on Music, Guitar, Football, Formula-1 racing, Management studies, General knowledge, Dance, Travel, Entertainment, Adventures, Books and almost about everything! I speak 4 languages - english, hindi, Marathi & French.

Hoping to have a new conversation and interesting discussion with you soon! :)



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  • diplômé de Audencia Business School
  • Bac S mention Très Bien

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