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Akila P.

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English with Soft skills and customer service


I am studying French in University of Nantes and worked as a Coach for 3+ years in India on training people with spoken and written english. My mentoring is practical yet applicable on a professional workspace and daily life. 

I specialize in soft skills that helps in appropriate usage of words according to the context and also the tone and intonation that suits the conversation. I would like to add that writing emails in the acceptable standards is an art to be learnt to have a smooth experience working with english speaking people.

Every session starts with setting expectations on what you want to learn. This makes it easy for you and me. Written english covers, Grammar and Vocabulary. Spoken english covers Grammar , Vocabulary and tone and IntonationIf you are trying for a job in english customer service or call -center , you have reached the right person. I coach you with etiquettes required over phone and e-mails when you are in a Customer Service department.

I hope to see you soon and I do speak Intermediate level French to make it easy for you and me at times in understanding each other :) I work during week-ends on Saturdays and Sundays.  

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