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Bernardo K.

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Bernardo Krueger ESCP student several subjects

In the course of my studies and of my internship in the Strategy and M&A department of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions GmbH I could build relevant experience required for this position. Indeed, teamwork, financial analyses, and presentations have been my daily routine over the last two years. In particular, at Bosch, I performed many assignments that are closely related to the ones specific to the private equity job. I carried out market analyses to identify which new businesses the company could enter, I analyzed the business model of energy companies throughout Europe to spot the ones with greatest strategic fit and prepared their company profiles, I then evaluated these companies using the DCF analysis as well as the multiples method, I prepared and assisted business meetings concerning takeover negotiations (including the proposition of earn-out clauses), and helped the M&A director managing a due diligence taking place in the USA.

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  • étudie à ESCP Europe
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