Doha N.

Doha N.

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Pharmacist with extremely high teaching talent

   This is Doha Naga,I am Egyptian and I graduated from pharmacy school in Cairo.I was very much into Science and specially chemistry when I was in high school,always with top grades.After highschool lived one year in Belgium as an exchange student where I learnt french and gained a great experience with self independence.After this year, I studied pharmacy in Cairo,and I joined many extracurricular activities linked to Human rights, student participation and politics.I travelled to many countries Morocco,Jordan,Denmark,Austria and Lebanon  attending Human rights conferences,leadership trainings and courses in international law.My love to chemistry made me decide to start my masters in 'Insilco drug design' in Paris Diderot University.I can tell you the best thing I am good at is all branches of Chemistry.I also have good background in informatics (Unix,python,R and sql). I have studied all my life in english and I also got 100/120 in TOEFL.I speak french and arabic fluently as well.I am looking forward to pursue my Phd after my masters since I love the academic career, and I enjoy getting across the information to other people,this is what I do best!

Cursus académique

  • diplômée de Ain Shams University Pharmacy
  • étudie à Université Denis Diderot (Paris VII) M1 Insilico drug design
  • Bac S mention Très Bien

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