Eric R.

Eric R.

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Washington DC Native Living in Paris

Investor, Entrepreneur and Personal Finance Coach

I am currently living in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I enjoy tutoring mathematics and finance. 

I speak an B2 level of French and a C1 level of Spanish. 

All my students will gain lots of knowledge, perspective and understanding through each lesson. 

Cursus académique

  • étudie à University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School
  • Bac Autre mention Très Bien

Questions et Réponses

Quels sont les différents mots interrogatifs avec "How" ?

Anglais niveau Collège / La forme interrogative

I have developed a unique pedagogy for a general outlook on education but I mold each approach to every individual students strengths and weaknesses for maximum effectiveness.

Matières enseignées et méthodologie

Anglais niveau Collège

While I do speak conversational french...the best way for me to teach english is by only speaking that language with you. I focus a lot on pronunciation and correcting common pronunciation errors. I want my students to sharpen their speaking skills even more than their grammatical breadth.

Mathématiques niveau Collège

Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus 

Anything Finance...

Anglais niveau Lycée

Getting you to speak like a native is my goal. 

Anglais niveau Formation Professionnelle

I am a native english speaker and I have worked tutoring the language to foreign speakers for many years. 

Start-up niveau Business et entrepreneuriat

I have opened my own company and sold it as well. I currently consult for several start-ups. In this area, it is very personalized. 



Formation Professionnelle

Business et entrepreneuriat

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