Menel B.

Menel B.

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English Language All the wayyy !! Yeeeey :D

Hello there, my name is Menel . 

I’m actually a student of a foreign languages at the University, i'm a Biology engineer but I've been studying english for a long time and I've developped my english through the years. I’m also interested in the world of “teaching”, because  we can learn better by teaching. I think (and I’ve experimented too) that we can find out our differences and overcome personal difficulties through the comparison with the others. 

So if you ask me what I do all week. It’s working, studying, housekeeping and spending time with my friends.

You’re never too old to learn is my motto, and especially  learning from other people's experiance and experiencing new things by yourself.

All the good things we should share and learn from it!

So let’s get started together!!

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  • étudie à National Institute of Applied Science and Technology
  • Bac S mention Très Bien

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