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Soutien en anglais par étudiante bilingue

Hi there !I'm Myrto, i'm 21. I've been giving english lessons for a while now and i'd be happy to help anyone who needs to improve his or her english.

I love foreign languages, i speak greek, french and english fluently, i've been studying germain for over 10 years and a little of spanish in high school. I'm actually studying osteopathic medicine in Paris, in an english section (Filière internationale de CEESO Paris).

I've been several times in England, and in the United States, i've been to class there in high school too for a while. It was a very fulfilling experience. I also have family there that i visit now and then. 

I will try my best to help you see how fun and easy learning english can be, so you'll love it as much as i do !

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  • étudie à British College of Osteopathic Medicine

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What i think is important to understand, especially when one wants to learn how to speak english, is to forget that you are learning, and start to think of it an other way.

The best way to learn is to have fun.Talk about topics that interests you, that make you want to be understood, so you will make progress and will want to look for the right words to express yourself.

I think that i have to let the student choose what he wants to talk about, and then lead him into a conversation that will use the typical vocabulary that he has to learn (for instance if he has to talk about a specific topic in class, make sure that he has enough vocabulary, help him write down what he thinks is interesting for him to use later in class or in everyday life).

Getting along is really important. This is why you have to be confortable with me.

I'm not here to judge nor make you feel incompetent, but i'm here to make you feel better about speaking in english. I've helped some of my friends and kids i'm babysitting with there homework and they have been talking english with me in everyday life. I've also given lessons to high school students that needed to practice english for their Baccalauréat.

I'm usually using pictures, texts, short movies... always chosen by the student. We can also work on something you have to prepare for the class, at any level (elementary class to high school).

I'm also willing to help non-students if they need to practice and improve their english.

I'll be very glad if you choose me to be your mentor, hoping to help you reach the goal you want to achieve.

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