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Sandra F.

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Learn English with our New York dynamic method

I am an experienced english Language teacher using a dynamic New York method that has been proven to improve students' mastery of the english language 5-8 times better and faster than traditional teaching methods used by others. 

I am currently studying for a PhD and co-own an english teaching club in France (Lyon & Paris) where we have piloted out New York dynamic method and currently running different semesters. 

Our teaching method uses created situations and built scenarios to teach, and we pay huge attention to developing a British/American accent for the student. so I don't just teach you english, I also develop your accent as well as put you in real life situations to master what you learn.

I can prepare you for any level of english language test, and assist you through to the final process. 

Having lived and worked in New York, London, Paris and Prague, I can work with any one no matter the age or cultural background.

 I speak french also. 

I hope to be your mentor :-)


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  • diplômée de HEC Paris
  • Bac L mention Très Bien avec les félicitations du jury

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