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Are you facing educational difficulties in a scientific field?

I am a native French student currently completing a double Master’s degree program. I graduated from high school with distinction and earned a scientifical French “Baccalauréat”. I then turned towards “Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles” where I studied Mathematics and Physics. Such classes are widely acknowledged nationwide for being highly competitive. Delivering a comprehensive scientifical background, they are the gateway to enter the “Ecoles d’ingénieurs”.

As far as I am concerned, I got admitted to a top notch “Ecole d’ingénieur” in France focused on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. I am now about to complete a second Master’s degree at the University of Florida in Aerospace Engineering.

As a consequence, mathematics and physics are topics I am very familiar with. Besides, I am ranked among best students in both universities I am currently attending. In the other hand, I gained experience as being the mentor of my sister for several years. I would like now to offer mentoring to a native english speaker facing educational difficulties in a French educational institution.

If you could be interested in such an offer, do not hesitate to contact me and I would be glad to meet you. I would like first to discuss with students regarding their current educational status and their expectations. Therefore, I will not charge any fee for the first course. 


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